Disney has humor and unexpected sense of social

The european Facebook-community is celebrating a fast growing viral event exchanging profile pics with cartoon heroes to remember and celebrate childhood memories.


So far almost 350.000 people participate in the event that is planned to last until 11/30 this year.

Obviously this is (at least) a creative interpretation of copyrights … as people simply don´t own the character and/or pictures of it. Though it´s hard to see any other economic relevance than a nice promotion for the respective copyright holders, rumours now say that lawyers are lining up to sue everybody for copyright fraud.

The organizers already created a public group to support the participants and ensure basic legal information

But the by far best reaction comes from a player we´d all probably would not have expected.  Disney itself added a folder to their local Facebook-Page providing pictures explicitly for the event.


This was a big surprise for me as I wouldn´t have expected rigid and tough Disney to react this way. But it seems they realized that acting like this costs very little and provides great marketing value – exposure, sympathy, fans … and sells more Disneyland and movie tickets – and DVD´s.

Well done Mickey!!!!!!!!!!


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