Unser Lieblingskunde im Frühling 2014

Es ist und bleibt eine echte Erfolgsgeschichte.

Die „langfristigen“ Ziele, die uns Leica Geosystems 2010 für ihre Social Media Aktivitäten vorgegeben hatte, haben wir schon nach 6 Monaten nachgerade pulverisiert und es geht seitdem einfach so weiter.


Gut, auch Leica Geosystems leidet mittlerweile etwas unter dem Facebook-Phänomen der schwindenden organischen Reichweite – aber in überschaubarem Umfang und gute Beiträge erreichen immer noch bis zu 40% der Fanbase. Die ist mit über 27.500 Menschen sehr angewachsen, besonders beeindruckend weil wir immer ausschließlich auf organisches Wachstum gesetzt haben. Zugegeben, bei der eigenen Page für den Leica DISTO™ haben wir ein wenig nachgeholfen; aber auch die hat zwischenzeitlich die 10.000er Marke geknackt und jagt den Primus im Segment.


Besonders überzeugend sind allerdings ein paar andere Wachstumsraten.
Der YouTube Channel hat im letzten Jahr über 100% zugelegt (bei Video Views und Subscriber) und bringt es jetzt auf deutlich über 600000 Aufrufe und über 2500 Abonennten.


Auch wenn viel über das angeblich verlorene Marktmomentum von Twitter geredet wird, über 4000 Follower dort zu haben ist schon eine feine Sache, besonders wenn es vor einem Jahr nur knapp die Hälfte waren.

Unfassbar ist jedoch das Mitgliederwachstum in den Facebook-Gruppen. Mit einer kleinen App, die für deutlich mehr Auffindbarkeit sorgte, entwickelte sich selbst bei völlig irrelevanten Fachgruppen plötzlich eine aussergewöhnliche Dynamik, für die es inhaltlich im Grunde keine Erklärung gibt. Trotzdem ist es natürlich toll wenn eine Fachgruppe für „GPS-gesteuerte Landwirtschaft“ über 300 Mitglieder hat, von den Vermessern mit weit über 5000 Mitgliedern reden wir einmal gar nicht.


Auch wenn das natürlich die Größe ist bei der sich dann auch die richtigen „Trolle“ einschleichen und Sonnenbrillen verkaufen wollen.
Aber solche Erfolgsprobleme hat man dann gerne :-).

Insgesamt können wir jedenfalls wohl mit Recht stolz auf unsere erfolgreiche und kontinuierliche Arbeit der letzten Jahre sein.
Und es ist sehr, sehr schön von der Zielgruppe dafür Bestätigung zu bekommen.



The Kini is looking for investors :-)

The ramp-up phase of our customer König Ludwig Festspiele AG is shaping. While the investment ist still in checking by the Bafin (federal obeservation office for financial investments), the procedures are now clear and fiends of the plan to bring the (by far) most successful German musical about King Ludwig II. of Bavaria back on stage can now sign and send reservations for a „chair of the theater“ which actually is a €3.000 investment in the company.


In the meantime the communities for Ludwig II. – Sehnsucht nach dem Paradies on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter keep growing moderate but steadily.

We are very optimistic that they will become a large and vital community, once we maneged to implement more regular content flows, more content in general and – last but not least get more visibility for the project in general press.



Surveyors are funky: Carma´s top customer blasts competition away

It´s been a while since I last shared some informations here ;-).

Strange to read that just a few months ago, we´ve been happy to see 1500 Fans and 200 group members for Leica Geosystems on Facebook. (Which was and is our key customer!)
Today we are happy that we passed 3500 Fans – with over 300 just joining last week, approx. 650 members in our groups and over 500 followers on Twitter. The media consumption on the main Facebook-page passed 200.000 views per month, which is a fairly relevant websites traffic.

And the just launched picture contest is simply crazy.

At the same time competition stagnates:

Trimble is at 1900 fans which is only 300 above fall 2010.
Sokkia is a bit above 1600 and Topcon remains to be just nowwhere.

So … when it has to be right … there´s only one place to go for surveyors on the social web.
And we remain to be very proud to manage this place :-).

7 Lessons That WikiLeaks Teaches Us

Excellent Aticle from Mitch Joel – read full version at

Too much has been written about WikiLeaks.

Most of the debate is about the legalities and moralities of what WikiLeaks is (and what it means). If you take a step back, and look at it (without prejudice and without passing legal judgment), there are many lessons about how new media acts (and reacts) that are excellent business lessons as well. Consider this a cautionary tale.

Here are 7 lessons that WikiLeaks teaches us:

  1. Transparency first. If your default position is to hide information and keep it secret, the new world is going to cause you many sleepless nights. WikiLeaks shows us that businesses will be best suited to lead with transparency first and (when no longer possible) shift to secrets as a form of integrity-based decision making to protect their „secret sauce“ (whatever that may be). Leading with being secretive has no place in our new, more transparent, world. As people divulge more and more information about themselves online and connect to more and more people, that is becoming the cultural norm, so any actions (be it by business or government) that do not have that level of transparency will be seen and felt as „hiding“ or being „secretive.“
  2. You are media. Any individual can have a thought and then be able to publish that thought in text, images, audio and/or video to the world for free (or close to it). This doesn’t just mean that everyone is a publisher, it means that every individual is (or can be) a media channel. WikiLeaks is a media entity (Mathew Ingram nailed it in his Gigaom Blog post, Like It or Not, WikiLeaks is a Media Entity). If we agree with this sentiment (and we should), all media properties need to be protected (to some degree) by our first amendment rights.
  3. Publishing has changed. This ties directly into the last point. We may not like it, but WikiLeaks is both a publisher of content and a media channel. So is this Blog. That means that we – as a society – need to re-evaluate our definition of publishing. A while back, Christopher S. Penn asked on an episode of Media Hacks if something written and published in the MMORPGgame, World of Warcraft, should be considered a book? That’s a question/debate for another Blog post, but we can all agree that it is – without question – a form of publishing. Would the mass media and academic intelligentsia consider that publishing? These newer forms of publishing threaten their business model and question their legacy (people don’t like when you do that). But, let’s face it, publishing has changed.


Happy Birthday World Wide Web

Long Live the Web:

A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality

The Web is critical not merely to the digital revolution but to our continued prosperity—and even our liberty. Like democracy itself, it needs defending

By Tim Berners-Lee November 22, 2010 20

Outstanding article!!!!!!!! Read it at

Disney has humor and unexpected sense of social

The european Facebook-community is celebrating a fast growing viral event exchanging profile pics with cartoon heroes to remember and celebrate childhood memories.


So far almost 350.000 people participate in the event that is planned to last until 11/30 this year.

Obviously this is (at least) a creative interpretation of copyrights … as people simply don´t own the character and/or pictures of it. Though it´s hard to see any other economic relevance than a nice promotion for the respective copyright holders, rumours now say that lawyers are lining up to sue everybody for copyright fraud.

The organizers already created a public group to support the participants and ensure basic legal information

But the by far best reaction comes from a player we´d all probably would not have expected.  Disney itself added a folder to their local Facebook-Page providing pictures explicitly for the event.


This was a big surprise for me as I wouldn´t have expected rigid and tough Disney to react this way. But it seems they realized that acting like this costs very little and provides great marketing value – exposure, sympathy, fans … and sells more Disneyland and movie tickets – and DVD´s.

Well done Mickey!!!!!!!!!!