Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year


The Kini is looking for investors :-)

The ramp-up phase of our customer König Ludwig Festspiele AG is shaping. While the investment ist still in checking by the Bafin (federal obeservation office for financial investments), the procedures are now clear and fiends of the plan to bring the (by far) most successful German musical about King Ludwig II. of Bavaria back on stage can now sign and send reservations for a „chair of the theater“ which actually is a €3.000 investment in the company.

In the meantime the communities for Ludwig II. – Sehnsucht nach dem Paradies on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter keep growing moderate but steadily.

We are very optimistic that they will become a large and vital community, once we maneged to implement more regular content flows, more content in general and – last but not least get more visibility for the project in general press.

Surveyors are funky: Carma´s top customer blasts competition away

It´s been a while since I last shared some informations here ;-).

Strange to read that just a few months ago, we´ve been happy to see 1500 Fans and 200 group members for Leica Geosystems on Facebook. (Which was and is our key customer!)
Today we are happy that we passed 3500 Fans – with over 300 just joining last week, approx. 650 members in our groups and over 500 followers on Twitter. The media consumption on the main Facebook-page passed 200.000 views per month, which is a fairly relevant websites traffic.

And the just launched picture contest is simply crazy.

At the same time competition stagnates:

Trimble is at 1900 fans which is only 300 above fall 2010.
Sokkia is a bit above 1600 and Topcon remains to be just nowwhere.

So … when it has to be right … there´s only one place to go for surveyors on the social web.
And we remain to be very proud to manage this place :-).

Leica Geosystems keeps growing

So much fun to manage and watch our serious B2B customer grow on social.

The new group for professional surveyors now has almost 200 members after not even a week and is very vital. And the main page keeps nicely growing beyond 2000 fans and MAUs.

Also we started managing the page for Geomax Positioning which will be a much tougher job as – compared with Leica – they simply don´t have a brand.

And with a little luck (i hate, hate, hate this Strato-Editor) our „normal“ web-landing-page can be communicated later today.

And Carma has 4 potential new customers in the line for the next 3 weeks.
Wish us luck … the good vibes will come :-).